Its Cold Out. Remember Your Mittens!

Since we have been gifted much of this white powdery substance around Platteville, it is important to dress warm out there to protect yourself from frostbite. I have made mittens for everyone so as you are closing your door to leave, you remember to grab your gloves, scarfs, and most importantly a jacket! Stay safe out there Pioneers of 2East!!

Stay Safe Pioneers!

In addition to our Safe Sex Bulletin Board that is up currently, I wanted to highlight the condom box outside my door. There are free condoms in this box and direction sheets for use. The directions are also mounted to the wall next to it, and there are some tips above the box on safe condom tips!

You might notice the box is homemade. I made it out of planner paper because lets plan to be safe. Planning is thinking before, just like using a condom. Think of it before you do anything, not during or after!

Please do not abuse the system. Take only what you need.