Sexual Assault Month

Sexual assault can be a very trying and emotional time for many people. Sexual Assault Month commemorates survivors and provides statistics and data, as well as advice, for everybody to learn more about what sexual assault means. If you ever need help concerning this topic, please feel free to talk to any RA or counseling services.


Fun Flower Facts

To match this gorgeous weather we’ve been having lately, I made a board with some flower facts for everybody to read and learn something new. Make sure you “stop by and read the flowers!”


Diversity Piñata

Yesterday, we had a piñata in the basement with the goal of breaking it in non-traditional ways. These challenges represented different disabilities such as being blind (wearing a blindfold), Muscular Dystrophy (hit with a small plastic bat), use a wheelchair (sit in a chair), and other examples. The point of this activity was so residents can better appreciate and understand how normal, seemingly simple tasks, such as hitting a piñata, are more challenging with a disability.


Pi(e) Day!

National Pi Day (3.14) is an annual holiday to celebrate the number pi…and, of course, real pie. We had pie, pizza, games, and prizes in the basement for all residents to enjoy and take a break from midterms. Along with these activities, we also learned a lot about the Math Department through conversation and information sheets, like which courses certain professors teach and what their favorite subjects are. It was a fun time to both eat pie and celebrate pi.20180314_201922