Reverse Trick-or-Treat!

We knock, you knock, and you get candy! On Halloween, the Melcher staff went around the building and handed out candy and uplifting quotes in honor of the holiday and classic trick-or-treating (with a twist). We hope we brought a smile to your face, and that you had an awesome Halloween!


Health 101

Katie, Kristina, and I went to the SAS Presentation: Health 101 on Monday. We learned new ways to cope with stress, how to choose the right foods to eat, how many hours of sleep to get each night, and lots more. It was a great reminder before the colder days ahead to take care of ourselves and to stay as healthy as possible. Also, remember to attend SAS presentations if you are in UWP Study!


A Guide to LBGT

In honor of LGBT History Month, I created a board that can help guide those who are confused as to when they should use the word “gay.” Many people are confused about when to say it, or they use the term in a negative sense. This visual model shows when it is acceptable to say “gay” and when another word should be used instead.

National Coming Out Day is October 11th.