The Fault in My Roommate

As we edge further into the school year, roommates get to know each other better. However, conflicts can also rise around this time as well. This board informs residents of how to handle certain situations like personal space, study times, cleaning, and communication.

Always feel free to ask your RA for help if you need anything!


Find These “Sweet” Places on Campus!

To uphold the Candy Land theme, I decided to display these “sweet” places to hang out on the UWP campus! Featured places include the Markee Pioneer Student Center, the Textbook Center in Doudna, the Karrmann Library, GWAM (Greenwood Avenue Market), and the Bears Den. These centers are host to good food, areas to hang out with friends or do homework, and are great resources for all students.

2E · Knowledge

Quiet Hours!

Do you know when quiet hours are? Have you forgotten since reading the residence all handbook at the beginning of the year? Well now we have Guy the Shy Guy as the quiet “mask”ot (mascot) ¬†of 2E. He informs you of when quiet hours are. Make sure you follow the rules to ensure a more peaceful environment for you and others around.

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What Have We Learned at UW-Platt??


I put up this bulletin board straight from our residents here on 2East. I distributed note cards and told everyone to write one thing they have learned since coming to college, anything they wanted. Name was not required to be put on the card. I then posted them up here so we can all learn from the knowledge of others. It became a College Pro Tips board. Some good ones were “Studying is NOT optional”, “Always check your email” and some on learning time management!