It’s Time to Move Out!

During our wing meeting on Monday at 6 PM, we will discuss how to move out, what to do with lofts, each resident’s responsibilities, and any further questions you all have. There will be a bulletin board in the wing with all the necessary information, just in case you need a reminder or two. Make sure to check it out!


Fun Flower Facts

To match this gorgeous weather we’ve been having lately, I made a board with some flower facts for everybody to read and learn something new. Make sure you “stop by and read the flowers!”


Find These “Sweet” Places on Campus!

To uphold the Candy Land theme, I decided to display these “sweet” places to hang out on the UWP campus! Featured places include the Markee Pioneer Student Center, the Textbook Center in Doudna, the Karrmann Library, GWAM (Greenwood Avenue Market), and the Bears Den. These centers are host to good food, areas to hang out with friends or do homework, and are great resources for all students.