Healthy Eating Options

After the first couple months of the year people tend to forget their New Year’s Resolutions, or just plain give up. This colorful bulletin board provides healthier examples of what to eat or drink instead snack foods. For example, use Stevia packets instead of Splenda or plain white sugar. Little changes make a big difference!

2E · Health

Healthy Eating 101

Matt and I put up a new bulletin board in the lobby as a friendly reminder to the residents keep their eating habits in mind, especially now the colder months are coming. Many times students don’t think about empty or liquid calories, as well as portion sizes. It’s important to be conscientious of what we eat for our overall health and well-being. So check out this new board for the dos and don’ts of eating healthy!



Last Friday, Melcher Hall had its FNC at the Pioneer Activity Center in the pool. Students across campus competed against each other to try and sink their opponent’s canoe by throwing water into it. We had tons of fun, and it was also a great reminder to stay healthy and active, especially in the colder months.


Health 101

Katie, Kristina, and I went to the SAS Presentation: Health 101 on Monday. We learned new ways to cope with stress, how to choose the right foods to eat, how many hours of sleep to get each night, and lots more. It was a great reminder before the colder days ahead to take care of ourselves and to stay as healthy as possible. Also, remember to attend SAS presentations if you are in UWP Study!