Toward the end of Halloweek, Watson and I made awesome Harry Potter inspired wands out of chopsticks, hot glue, marbles, and paint. It was a super cool experience to make the wands and also talk to other students, where we found out two of them are from Germany. We talked about wand-making, different cultures, and overall had a great time!


A Guide to LBGT

In honor of LGBT History Month, I created a board that can help guide those who are confused as to when they should use the word “gay.” Many people are confused about when to say it, or they use the term in a negative sense. This visual model shows when it is acceptable to say “gay” and when another word should be used instead.

National Coming Out Day is October 11th.


Diversity at Hogwarts (and Platteville)


As a tribute to my favorite book series, I made Hogwarts scarf door decs. However, these Houses represent something deeper than a fictional school of witchcraft and wizardry. Each House represents certain qualities for each student. Even though the students live with their own House, they attend class and spend time with other Houses. The same thing happens here in Platteville. Each and every person is different in their own way, but we all learn and grow together in Melcher Hall and on campus. These scarves represent the diversity of students, but also shows unity among us all.