Hello Gentlemen of 2 East,


My name is Matthew Dowell and am pleased to be serving you as your Resident Assistant (RA) this year. About me academically, I am a Sophomore going towards a Mechanical Engineering major; still very much undecided on my emphasis. My hobbies include woodworking, technology, and have a general interest in manufacturing anything.

During the summer and many breaks throughout the school year, I turn into machinist mode running CNC Swiss Lathes making round metal objects. Some of the parts are even made out of a very hard titanium stainless alloy with a total variance of .0005″ of an inch, that being said, I am very detail orientated and try to be organized.

Speaking of detail, did you notice the trinity knot for my tie in my picture to the right? Not perfect but pretty good if I say so myself.

Over the beginning of the year, I will very much make an effort to know you, not just academically but on a personal level. I want to know what makes you happy, your interests, etc. Its not just me creeping on your life, it is to help me better serve you over the entire year. After about the first month, I can direct my efforts to programs that help you to grow as an individual while having a great time!


Matthew Dowell

Resident Assistant, Melcher Hall 2 East

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