Last Door Decs

Because of the beautiful spring and summer-like weather, I wanted to make door decs that remind you all of why we have such pretty flowers. Bees are the cornerstone of nature because they pollinate the plants, which produces flowers, fruits, and vegetables. These door decs are recycled because the wings are made from old newspapers. Remember to respect the bees!


Tacos with the Teachers

Last night in Melcher, we had the privilege of meeting Dr. Wayne Johnson from the Math Department. Residents were able to ask him questions about himself and his classes. We all ate tacos and talked before the stress of finals week.


It’s Time to Move Out!

During our wing meeting on Monday at 6 PM, we will discuss how to move out, what to do with lofts, each resident’s responsibilities, and any further questions you all have. There will be a bulletin board in the wing with all the necessary information, just in case you need a reminder or two. Make sure to check it out!


Star Wars Marathon!

In honor of Star Wars Day(s) (May the Fourth Be With You and Revenge of the Fifth), Aidan and I will be hosting a Star Wars movie event in the basement! The prequels will be shown in the West Basement on Friday, May 4th at noon and the originals will be shown Saturday, May 5th at noon in the same location. We will have free snacks and drinks! This is a great way to relax and de-stress before the last week of classes and finals. Finding a way to take a break between studying is beneficial for your mental health and focus.


Taste the World

Southwest and Melcher Halls teamed up for last week’s FNC to provide a cultural experience for UW-Platt students. There were six (6) rooms that displayed cool facts, decorations, games, and (most importantly) food from each continent (minus Antarctica). Students had fun sampling foods and drinks and answering trivia questions at the end. It was a unique experience and a great way to show different cultures around the world in an informative and interactive way.